Vegan Musician Bryan Adams Says Removing ALL Animal Products From His Diet Was the Best Thing He Ever Did

Vegan musician Bryan Adams says that switching to a plant-based diet is the best decision he ever made.

The Canadian singer-songwriter took to Instagram to show off his homemade avocado toast lunch and to share with fans how a vegan diet has drastically improved his health.

“It’s funny when people call it trendy, since it’s been my favourite lunch since I became vegan/vegetarian/rawfood over 30 years ago,” Adams wrote. “And I’ve tried it all, and there is no question that for me, getting off ALL animal products and sugar was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

“Buying fresh food is expensive, but so is the cost of dodgy health,” Adams continued.“I cured myself of all kinds of ailments purely by changing my diet.”

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Adams eliminated all animal products from his diet in 1989 and has since been a vocal supporter of the health benefits of a vegan diet. At the start of the New Year, Adams encouraged his hundreds of thousands of fans to go vegan.

Last November, Adams credited his plant-based diet for helping him to build a stronger immune system, stating that he rarely ever gets sick. The 58-year-old musician follows a raw vegan diet, which he says helps him maintain a healthy weight.

“Want to lose weight? Go raw. I won’t tell you it’s easy, because it’s not, especially if you were brought up like I was with the typical British diet of roast beef and sausages, but I encourage you to try healing yourself,” Adams continued. “Listen to your body and your skin, it’s telling you something is wrong if you’re seeing changes you don’t like.”

Not vegan for his health alone, Adams extends his choices beyond just what he eats. He once professed his love of cruelty-free vegan leather shoes by London-based footwear brand, Boboheme and has said that his life’s motto is: “if you love animals, go vegan.”

“You have the power to turn it around, it’s totally within your grasp. Read about detoxing, and start today: Go Vegan, you will never regret it,” Adams concluded.

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Vegan Musician Bryan Adams Says Removing ALL Animal Products From His Diet Was the Best Thing He Ever Did


Vegan musician Bryan Adams took to Instagram to tell fans that following a raw vegan diet is the best thing he ever did; the health benefits of a vegan diet for Adams include higher energy and a healthy weight.


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