Ultimate Guide For Top rated Meditation Apps

The art of meditating has been around for many years and is the practice of guided imagery and mindful breathing to help clear the mind of clutter. Different studies have proven that meditation can be beneficial to both physical and mental health. If you are thinking of, or have been practicing meditation, there are a couple of meditation apps that could help you have a sounder body, soul, and mind. Here https://www.unplugmeditation.com/top-rated-meditation-apps you will find some of the best meditation apps available.

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The Mindfulness App

The mindfulness app is packed with several powerful features including meditation reminders, a five-day meditation practice guide, timers, and personalized meditation offers. The great thing about this app is that it even has health app integration capabilities. The Mindfulness App is free and is available for both iPhone and Android.

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Headspace is another great app and is highly recommended for people who are just starting out. Take 10 is an interesting Headspace feature that offers ten newbie-focused, ten-minute meditation exercises that are designed to help newbies quickly understand what meditation is all about. It also comes with a reward system for non-stop practice, a personalized progress page, and a buddy system for first-timers and their friends to help each other meet their target. The app is free and is available for both Android and iPhone.


Calm offers various guided meditation experiences. The options range from 3-minute to 25-minute meditation sessions. The app also has Daily Calm, a ten-minute meditation program that you can practice when the day begins or is about to end. Other options include breathing exercises, 20 sleep stories, 25+ soothing sounds to help you sleep, and several unguided meditation options. This 5-star rated app is free and is available for both Android and iPhone.


Buddhify offers users over 11 hours of customized meditation options. The fascinating thing about the app is that each meditation exercise is designed to target specific aspects of the user’s life. This app makes it easier for you to manage your life through different tracking options available on it. Its check-in system allows you to evaluate your meditation while tracking your overall progress over time. The app has five-star ratings from Android and iPhone users and costs $2.99 and $4.99 respectively.

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Looking for a great, top-rated meditation app, then the above options are some of the best options to consider. Just visit your phone’s app store (that is Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone) and search for either one of these apps and start enjoying greater peace and tranquillity in your life.