New York & Fitness Resort, Shane Diet

  is not a boot camp nor on a traditional “fat camp” We provide a complete and integrative approach to losing health and weight*. We are a comprehensive weight reduction program where you learn to create adjustments that are foundational allowing a more healthylife.   No gimmicks, fads or  easy fixes.   And backed by more than 47 years experience   in the weight loss market.

The one- to for adults are priced.   Compare us to other weight loss programs    and you’re going to see you get. Our prices are all inclusive.     That means no extra taxes or suggestions and you get sessions at no charge with coaches within our key program areas of behaviour, nutrition and fitness.

Price Match Guarantee :      We will match the price of another similar residential weight loss program’s publicized rates or specials for a 1 week stay or more.     Always valid.

10 Vital Weight Loss Tips — Pritikin Longevity Center

Embracing all 10 Basics of the Pritikin Program is your key to losing weight, feeling healthier, and, on top of that, more fully enjoying your lifetime.

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