Mike Buss Found his New Gym ‘mikebussPT Fitness Centre : Mike-Buss

Mike Buss Launches his New Gym ‘mikebussPT Fitness Centre

Alex Reid on his Trip to the mikebussPT Fitness Centre to meet with Mike Buss

About 5th January Mike Buss launches his newest Venture, the ‘mikebussPT Fitness Centre supported by Celeb buddies including Cage Fighter Alex Reid who is now patron of the Fitness Centre.

Mike has created a name for themself splitting 45 world documents, inspiring not only people of Swindon to get healthy but around the globe.   After studying that his own home town of Swindon was high in this list as the Fattest Town in the South West of England for a second year, Mike set to help knock down all barriers to fitness such as the one.

In this time, a lot of people are forced redundent taking pay cuts and tightening their belts and the fitness business has seen a large fall across the UK in gym membership.   So the Fitness Centre is currently seeking to become a registered charity by the summer of 2013 and has been set up as a not for profit social venture company.

The Centre is the only Gym of its type in Swindon offering some of their most dynamic exercise classes in Swindon in BOOTCAMPfit that Mike has already Franchised across the south of England into Boxercise, Kettlebell Workouts and Mikes very own GUTBUSTER Series made to burn 600calories in under 30mins.   There’s over 40 classes every week.

Contained in the membership, can be a beginners Running Boxing Club and Club.

The centre has been   designed with Mikes history in mind, “As a former Army Physical Training Instructor, I chose to design my gym just like many of those Arny Gyms Ive worked in through my military career, we dont have treadmills, but we’ve got lots of kettlebells, sand bags, car walkers, free weights, boxing equipment and a few of the best CrossFit Functional Training Equipment on the industry.”

Mike goes on to say “We are the only gym in Swindon offering CrossFit, this really is a  workout program that has been around for years in america and located only in some  tiny gyms in the UK, its a form of Elite Performance Athlete styled training for the ordinary person, we also mix this with army exercise training which has already proven awesome results with our team members.”

Members have been seeing consequences as losing 2stone and falling 2 dress sizes in only 4weeks with only regular and no dieting exercise training that was progressive although demanding.

To Promote the Launch Mike is offering membership for then and January for only # 5 only # 10 a month with No Contract and No Joining Fee.

The single real place to go if you’re serious about getting healthy and losing weight this season is your mikebussPT Swindons Number 1 Gym for Outcomes, Fitness Centre!

mikebussPT Fitness Centre

The Old School House

Maxwell Street



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