Is Anxiety Sabotaging Your Diet and Fitness Goals?

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Notice from Dr. Axe: Here’s a post from my good friend Dr. Alex Loyd, author of the new book   Past Willpower: The Secret Principle to Boost Success in Life, Love, and Happiness. Enjoy his message about ways to treat both mind and spirit.

At any given moment, each one of the trillions of cells is in expansion or anxiety mode. Science has shown that anxiety, or inner fear as it is also known, is the main source of any problem we encounter — bodily, spiritual, emotional and even circumstantial. New study has proven that fear is literally programmed to us in the cellular level, which is why most people are not able to switch off our stress reaction with willpower alone.

We literally have two mechanics in our minds: one that turns on and nearly guarantees success, health and happiness; and another that starts creating failure, stress and myriad health issues.

According to research by Harvard and Stanford, when this failure mechanism has been turned on in your brain, you may experience negative health effects that vary from depression and high blood pressure to illness, insomnia and bad digestion.It makes it incredibly tricky to be happy, healthy and effective. When a cell is in expansion mode, it stays open and absorbs nutrition, oxygen and energy — the cell releases toxins and wastes, and it protects. Additionally, it is impervious to illness.

But when a cell is in pressure mode, it is shut, does not absorb nutrition, or discharge toxins and waste. It becomes both energy- and oxygen-deficient, and it is a lot more likely to manifest to a disease gene.

How Stress Affects Your Health Goals


1. Stress keeps the cell from absorbing nutrition, oxygenation and hydration. In some cases, you could practically overdose to a particular healthier nutrient, along with the cells that need it will remain deficient. By turning the cell into expansion mode, the nutritional supplement will do the job it is supposed to do.

2. Cells in stress style cause us to crave things that could sabotage our wellbeing, including junk foods. It can also lead to depression, anger,and cause drug and alcohol abuse.

3. Cortisol, the “stress hormone,” regulates a number of the changes that occur in our body in reaction to pressure. When cortisol levels are increased, due to too much stress, it may influence yourmetabolism  in addition to  your chemical and emotional balance. It also causes fat to be saved instead of used.  


1. Stress makes concentration difficult, dramatically reduces motivation and impairs memory (short-term and short). This creates each task harder, and, thus, our tendency is to avoid too many of those tasks as you can.

2. Stress impairs our motor skills and coordination, again creating fitness harder, less pleasurable and more than likely harder.  

 3. Researchers have found that among people beginning the exact same physical fitness regimens, the more stressed folks were, the less gains from the exact same workout.  

4. Stress slows regular recovery from exercise, also it raises the probability and frequency of harm.    

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The truth is that the typical personal improvement mantra of tapping to your willpower and triggering the power of optimistic thinking is in fact a recipe for failure.

Why is that, you may ask? Well, I asked myself the same issue after trying several programs.After over 25 decades of clinical expertise, I discovered the answer, which is that achievement is past willpower.

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