Gym pros offer tips for sticking with fitness goals

Each Jan. 1, “New year, new me’ becomes the motto for individuals looking to improve themselves at the upcoming 365 days.

For many, that includes joining a fitness center and enhancing their fitness. While many of the resolutions are created with the very best of intentions, a lot of them seem to fall flat or are short lived. In reality, a 2015 post by U.S. News & World Report states that 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions neglect by February.

Patrick Henson, the owner of Morganton’s Athletic Performance Lab, said with the right gym atmosphere and staff is essential in assisting people follow through with their objectives.

“For anybody when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, it’s critical to be sure they feel welcome and they are in your home,” Henson said. “The environment has to be correct. It is different strokes for different people — they can walk into a single gym, not feel comfortable and walk to another one and they’re at home.

“Essentially, you would like to locate your home where you feel right with the correct trainers. You can find the ideal person to help you keep motivated.”

Tyler Noble, the fitness director at Morganton’s Workout Anytime, invited individuals to not be reluctant to join a health club or feel uncomfortable there. He said in gyms, he’s found plenty of expertise and assistance.

“A lot of folks have the wrong conceptions about gyms and individuals judging them and feeling uncomfortable in this,” Noble said. “It is really the most un-judgmental and friendly atmosphere you can be in.

“I have been in gyms my entire life and I started as a very heavyset young child. People are almost always eager to help out. It is a wonderful way to make friends”

Henson said to him, motivation is the most crucial facet of being successful. He said with settlements, inspiration can be momentary, if that be just a couple of days or as long as a few months. The people who achieve their objectives, he said, are the people who find a method and the help needed to keep their motivation.

Part of that motivation can do the correct things away from the fitness center. Noble said there are plenty of things people can do to prepare themselves for the health club and to be healthier in general.

“Drink water — it’s one of these things people can control,” Noble said. “It is one of the most easily accessible things folks have to take advantage of. Which can help assist in digestion and helps to lower blood pressure. Additionally, before going to bed, then it can help you avoid heart and stroke attack and stroke.

“Make sure individuals don’t skip breakfast. It is one of the better ways to enhance your metabolism and start the day off right and put you in the perfect mindset. It helps you burn more calories through the day, also. Additionally, attempt to get in approximately 10,000 steps every day normally. It will lower the danger of heart attack and higher blood pressure”

For Henson, it is less about setting his membership numbers in the beginning of the calendar and much more about establishing foundations. He said he would rather be able to add some members to his traces and keep them coming back than put in a lot of new faces who come once or twice and squander their money.

“We want you to come in — we’d take 2,000 individuals in — but we want you to come in every day and be sure you have that commitment to making yourself when it has to do with your physique. (We want to be a fitness center) with that right surroundings and individuals who are going to encourage you”

Henson said while he is a huge proponent of private training, he understands that it can get pricey. For that reason, his fitness center posts each day workouts at the upstairs part of the fitness center to help people who need advice. He believes that is 1 method to keep members encouraged and about the right path without stretching their budgets.

The two Noble and Henson said it is crucial to temper expectations and concentrate on taking little steps. They said it is important for people to stay out of their own way and prevent discouragement.

“The most significant issue is to attempt and prevent getting on the scales so much,” Noble said. “People’s bodies may change with no weight shifting. You can decrease your body weight and become healthier, but your weight won’t change because the muscle will weigh more than the pounds”

“You want to start small and work your way up,” Henson said. “I tell folks to believe marathon, not a rush. Everybody needs those results and that quick fix. They would like to see something the very first day or first week.

“I tell people, ‘Take your time. You’ll be more successful that way.’ Can you create a difference within a couple weeks? Yeah, you can, but you want to be sure you put yourself a little target and work your way up. That way, you don’t neglect yourself.”

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