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7 reasons Fitness First is more than a Fitness Center

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For a lot of individuals, a trip to the gym implies following the same pattern: warm up, 40 minutes on the treadmill, then some weights and then cool down, house. This routine may maintain your fitness, certain! However, you might end up stuck with less motivation in your workout in your very own regular, and possibly you might begin to eliminate the enjoyment that could be gained from exercising.

What lots of people do not understand is that your gym membership can be your very best buddy on the trip to a healthier lifestyle. Together with your Fitness First membership, you can experience the advantages of working together with individuals who care about your success. A fitness center Doesn’t need to just be a fitness center, and here is how we achieve that:

Freestyle Classes

We maintain Freestyle Group Training sessions that challenge your body to proceed, raise everyday mobility. Each session is different which keeps things interesting, also focuses on planes of movement and different areas of the body. Everyone can get involved, and teams of 4-8 club members may appreciate the most 30 minute work out on the gym floor, which supplies lots of time to get to know your fitness lovers.

Personal Training

If you truly feel like you need somewhat more information about ways to get fitter, increase your stamina or shed some weight, then we have accredited private trainers who can provide help. They could design you a personalized program, to help you.

Core Juice Bar

You do not need to rush off, as soon as you’ve finished your exercise — a protein smoothie is the perfect way to finish a coaching session. There’s so much variety to select from, or you could make up your own! Following a workout is one of the best times to find protein so that the protein could be sent to your muscles and fix any micro-tears, and of course it helps that the smoothies are yummy!


It feels like there’s not any obvious change for your body even though you’ve been working out hard. With a tracking system allows you to keep note of your progress online and time spent working. MYZONE subsequently converts your work out into MYZONE Effort Points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Swim Academy

Were you aware that we have a swim app? We run all over Dubai, from Uptown Mirdif, to Burjuman to Emirates Living. Children of all ages and skills can learn create their strokes, how to swim or even combine a team that is competitive. Adults & adolescents may enjoy the water, with swimming.

Discounts and Privileges

Imagine if your gym did operate in the fitness center? Well, your membership supplies you with reductions in many restaurants throughout the city, in addition to leisurewear outlets such as Adidias, spas and salons, and loads more. But you are able to amass points that are Shukran when you sign up, and if you purchase any additional services or products. Work hard and keep.

International Passport

Fitness First is a international brand, with centers and fitness centers . We understand how important a fitness program is, and travelling may throw you off-track. But if you’re searching for business or fun, you may rest in the knowledge that you will have access where you move. Before you travel talk to your member of staff!

Never again does the fitness center need to be quite a monotonous exercise.   All you need to keep on a exercise trip that is focused and fun is accessible with a single card, so take advantage of it! Attempt something different and combine a class that is new, relax in the sauna, socialize in the public sofa, traveling and maintain your fitness throughout the world, while tracking your improvement online.

Our fitness centers provide more than only a fitness center. They offer you a lifestyle. Begin living it!

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